Based off of extensive research, our uniform consists of a linen shirt, natural wool waistcoat and knee breeches (or linen gaitored trousers for late war events), Stockings of milled yarn and worsted; of a lead color, half gaitors and rough out buckled shoes. While there is no single source for hats that the regiment would have worn, we have chosen to go with the only known specification for a Continental hat, known as the Virginia Contract or Nivernois hat. Our regimental is the blue with red facings French Lottery coat, our musicians would wear the opposite of our infantry, so red coats with blue facings. A linen split front hunting shirt is also worn in substitute for the regimental from time to time.

For equipment we carry a tin or wooden canteen, the "New Pattern" 29 hole cartridge box, linen haversack, and bayonet carried on a French white waistbelt. Most of our members also carry the "Benjamin Warner" knapsack based of an original held at Fort Ticonderoga, and some carry a bed roll (effects rolled into a wool blanket and slung over the shoulder). For the musket, a French musket pre-1777 model is preferred. Most of us carry the 1763 or 1766 model and few carry the 1728 model.

Being there are numerous places you may acquire these items, we have narrowed down a few items to preferred sources, and some unit members are proficient at clothing making, we ask that you please speak with an officer or any of our unit members before making any purchases.

Occasionally you will catch us at events uniformed as light infantry company. The uniform of our light infantry is the same as our Line uniform with the exception of the cap. most of our members wear the light infantry cap with or without a crest of horse hair though it is not required (as seen in the middle above). The 2D NC did have a light company that was in the Corps of Light Infantry under General Wayne and saw heavy fighting at Brandywine Germantown and Stoney Point.