We are a group of amateur historians who devote a good deal of our time to historic research on Colonial America, particularly the period of the American Revolution. We portray an actual North Carolina Continental Line Regiment & at times a militia unit. Our people consider their activities a hobby and are therefore willing to devote their time and money to "their hobby." We reenact camp life, tactics, drill, and combat of the late 18th century. We do this on weekends usually from Friday night thru Sunday afternoon. We live in the field as was done in the 18th Century. Anyone joining us should share our likes and be able to assimilate to our ways.

How does one join?

All applicants must fill out and submit an application for membership. Once your application has been received, the Adjutant will contact you and inform you of upcoming events. You may then decide to "try a weekend." For your first event you may wish to just observe or many times some of our members can lend you clothing for the weekend. This is referred to as "dressing out." You should notify the Adjutant that you are coming so arrangements can be made. You have the option on your first event to stay in one of the Regiments tents or you may choose to stay at a local Motel. If, after your first event, you feel that you would enjoy our activity and would like to pursue joining the Regiment you must attend a total of three events (the first one can count) over a six month period. An event is defined as a weekend in the field. You may attend more than three if desired. This way you will get to know us and we will get to know you. After six months if you express a desire to join, the membership will vote on your application at the next scheduled event. In most cases you will then be accepted into the Regiment.

Why do I have to wait six months to get in?

Our Regiment is like a family. We live together, work together, eat together and must learn to work together to perform our task of presenting history to the public. It is extremely important that all of our members can get along and that new members can perform the tasks of the Regiment and the proper presentation of American History to the public. It takes time to get to know each other and from our experience six months is just about right. New members are assisted by the existing members to learn our ways and to help them be ready to be voted in. Also you get a good chance to decide if this is really what you want to do.

If you are still interested in joining us, you may either pick up an application from us at an event or you can email Patrick O'Kelley (found on the contact page), and he will send you a digital copy of the application for you to send back.