2D NC is one of the few units in the Southern Department of the Continental Line that consistently fields more than 2 musicians per event. We currently have two drummers & two fifers. Our music regularly performs music demos at events alongside musicians from other Continental units. The main purpose of 18th century was communication. Musicians were constantly playing tunes on the battlefield, on the march and even in camp. They had tunes for assembly, reveille, make ready, take aim, fire, prime & load, ceasefire etc. etc.

You might ask why our musicians are wearing red coats? Thats because musicians in the Continental Army as well as the British Army (with a few exceptions) wore regimental coats that were the opposite colors of the infantry. We wear Lottery coats of blue faced with red, so our musicians wear Lottery coats of red, faced with blue. This makes it easier for our officers to find them in the field if he needs them in all the chaos erupting on the field.

For a more in depth look at Field Music, check out The music of the Army... An Abbreviated Study of the Ages of Musicians in the Continental Army, Part 1" by John. U. Rees, as well as Part 2.

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming part of the field music, send us an email or speak with one of our officers or musicians at an event found on our calendar.