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American Recreated Units

First Maryland Regiment

2nd South Carolina Regiment

The South Carolina Company of Historical Re-enactors

7th Virginia Regiment

Gaskins Virginia Battalion

Lockes Militia / Kingsburys' Artillery

Guilford Militia

British & Loyalist Recreated Units

The Royal North Carolina Regiment Lt Infantry Company

His Majesty's 64th Regiment of Foot
A great page to reference many Revwar military topics.

4th Company Brigade of Foot Guards

33rd Regiment

Hesse Kassel Jaeger Corps

Sutlers & Suppliers

G. Gedney Godwin

C & D Jarnagin Company

Bradley Company of the Fox

Jas. Townsend & Son

North Carolina 18th Century History Links

North Carolina in the Revolutionary War

New River Notes

General 18th Century/AWI History Links

P. Patrick White Historic Art & Illustrations

18th Century Resources

Fife and Drum Page

Michael Meals RevWar Page